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Changing the Voltage on an eGo Battery

For Upgrade batteries without twist/spinner bottom

Step 1: Turn your battery off

• To turn the e-cig on/off press the button 5 times fairly fast.

• You can tell the battery is off because when you press the button, nothing lights up.

Step 2: Hold the button down for ten seconds until it flashes. (Blue light indicates the low

setting, white light indicates the high setting.)

• Low setting vapes at a consistent 3.7volt.

• High vapes at a 4.1v until it falls below 50% battery and drops to a 3.9v.

Twist / Spinner eGo Batteries

Step 1: To change the voltage (strength) – twist the dial at the bottom to your desired strength

between 3.2v -4.8v.

• Make sure you have the appropriate resistance wick or cartomizer in your tank.

• 3.2v-3.7v Requires a low resistence wick or cartomizer.

• 3.8v-4.2v Requires a medium resistance wick or cartomizer.

• 4.3v-4.8v Requires a high resistance wick or cartomizer.

Filling Your Tank with E-juice

Step 1: Remove the tank from the battery.

For bottom fill tanks: hold it with the mouth piece facing down and un-screw the

bottom of the tank.

For top fill tanks: hold the tank with the tip facing up and unscrew the mouth piece.

Step 2: Fill liquids into the tank by slightly tipping the tank to the side and pouring the juice

down the inside.

• Make sure to not pour juice into the center passageway of the tank as the juice will clog

the airway or leak out the center.

• Be sure to not over fill the tank or the juice may spill into the center passageway.

underneath to clear the passage way of juice.

Cleaning process

Step 1: Remove the bottom part of the tank, and rinse the part of the tank that holds the juice

with warm water only. DO NOT rinse the wick or heating element with water.

Step 2: Let the tank air dry or wipe dry with a tissue.

• Be sure not to wipe away any O-rings that are on the tank and heating element or you

may experience leaking.

• If your tank is leaking, rinse the tank and clear the passage way by blowing into the tank

WITHOUT the bottom part attached, let dry and refill the tank as noted above.

• If the tank is leaking liquid into your mouth and cleaning it does not help, you may be

drawing too hard on the tank, remember you draw on e-cigs slower and longer than

regular cigarettes.

• Wipe the inside of the battery every night to clean out any juice residue before charging

it, this will ensure the longest possible life for your battery.

• Do not leave your e-cig or juice in the car or anywhere that is very hot, the juice expands

in heat and your tank will leak.

• Never screw your tank too tightly onto the battery.

Changing Your Wick

Step 1: Unscrew the bottom of your tank (for bottom fill tanks) or the top of your tank (for top

fill tanks).

Step 2: For most tanks you will Unscrew the post of the wick. Vape Only tanks: simply pull the

post up and the wick will pop out of place.

Step 3: Screw on or push in the new wick.

Step 4: Screw the tank back together.

Step 5: Prime the tank by taking 5 large draws on the tank without pressing the button on your


• This will ensure that juice is being drawn into the heating coil through the wick.


• Wicks last about 10-14 days on average. You will notice a burnt taste or lack of vapor

when the wick is ready to be changed.

How to wrap your wick on a rebuildable atomizer video

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