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Your Partner In Change

The e-cig industry is constantly evolving - driven by both market and agency demands. As you are aware, we're now faced with regulatory factors that will impact standard business offerings at Vape Shops across the country.

What this means to you, Effective August 8th

Free Juice sample bars and free bottles of juice will no longer be available. Vape Shops must charge a small but reasonable fee for samples.

RDA/RTA Builds - We will no longer be able to offer these services to our customers.

In an effort to help you manage the effects of FDA Deeming Regulations, E-Cig Gallery Incorporated has produced customer cards explaining the regulations affecting the consumer experience AND easy, inexpensive ways for every vape enthusiast to get involved in advocacy. E-Cig Gallery Incorporated has also produced a Vape Tips and Safety Card for you.  This handout includes basic terms, information and safety tips that will be helpful to customers new to vaping as well as those with more experience.