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Cesar T.-Laguna Hills

First, I have been a client of your Laguna Hills location for over 8 months. Your staff is awesome and they helped me change my life. I was smoking between 1 to 2 packs per day and thought I was doomed to smoke all my life. A friend recommended I try vaping. I tried the pens, electronic cigs and yet I was still smoking. I decided to stop by your shop to see if maybe I was miss guided. A very young person helped me and quite honestly, he changed my life. I quit smoking that day. He set me up with a product that gave me the sensation of smoking. It has been 8 months without a ciggerette. My health is much better. I don't smell of smoke and my kids want to hug me again. I will be your customer for life. Your staff is outstanding and I've built a business relation with some of them. I refer your business to all of my colleagues whom are trying to quit smoking. Thank you, Cesar T.

Daniel Cleveland - Temecula/OC

Daniel Cleveland"Two weeks ago is when I began my journey into e-cig’s/vaping. My initial reasoning was solely health. When I first walked in I was wondering if it wasn’t for me. To be quite honest it seemed “hipster” to me. Maybe I’m not that cool, maybe I’m too laid back. I was blown away when I discovered my “walk-in” opinion was completely wrong. The staff and customers even are an amazing group of people. They are down to earth, friendly, outgoing, amazing, knowledgeable and exceptionally patient with a newbie like myself. I’ve seen every employee be the exact same way to every customer I’ve seen personally while also being efficient and always helped me quickly.

As for me, the health benefit has been huge in the two weeks I’ve been vaping, it blows me away. The real ground breaking story comes from my father though. He is what you consider a “Southern Conservative”. A lot of times that means stuck in their ways and a “tiny” bit stubborn. He has been smoking Kool cigarettes for over 40 years. Deciding to get him a setup was an interesting decision. He may like it, may hate it or may not even try it. Essentially I may have just bought myself a new setup. Understand that he is at least a pack a day smoker for about 40 years.

 I bought him his setup and the flavor I thought was closest to his brand liking. Went to his place, gave him his set up and a bit of info on everything. At that point I just stopped talking. Sometimes us stubborn men like to feel like the decision was ours, that we weren’t sold on the idea, ha! Didn’t even ask about it for two days. Went over and just asked “What do you think?” He replied “I like it a lot, I want to tell you that I’ve only had 4 smokes since I started this.”

Needless to say I was blown away and completely extatic about this news. He went from over a pack a day to less than a pack a week, truly all to the benefit of himself and his health while also blessing our family with Grandpa having a healthy future going forward. He now always has his pen near him. The progression of health has gone from one person to three, to seven, to now nine people who are quitting or stopping smoking cigarettes due to E-Cig Gallery. The character, integrity and honesty of the staff is exactly what a southern man like myself truly appreciates. The variety, selection, quality, atmosphere, service and the way they truly value their customers sets E-Cig Gallery apart from all others.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Inside of two weeks it has already changed multiple lives. Our business will forever be yours."




I started going to E-Cig Gallery last January, and I've only ever had a good experience here. The staff is very friendly and helpful, and the store has some seating for people to hang out and relax while vaping. I recommend this place to all of my friends in the area.